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Al Manhal Engineering Consultants

Professional Team Providing High End Services VLaunch’s site to Esteemed Clients

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Design, Project Management, Quality Control & Supervision

Professional Team Providing High End Services to Esteemed Clients

Quality Work Through Dedication

Al Manhal Engineering Consultants was originally established in the United Arab Emirates in 1991 offering Architectural Design Consultancy services to a small but elite client base undertaking high quality residential project. Al Manhal Engineering Consultancy offers a wide range of services for both medium and small scale projects alike. The Company, now operating under the name of AMEC, is registered throughout the region and provides multidisciplinary services to clients wishing to develop projects.

With its low operational cost and its rapid development onto the international scene Dubai offers an extremely competitive consultancy market by comparison to other international markets and more recently, with the increasing ease of international telecommunications, AMEC is now in a position to effectively offer its consultancy services virtually worldwide either for projects being undertaken in the United Arab Emirates or for International projects elsewhere.


AMEC is fully registered in the United Arab Emirates to offer services in the following construction fields:

  • Architecture design consultancy
  • Construction engineering services
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Services
  • Fire Protection
  • Gas and fuel plans
  • BIM system

Through its structure AMEC has had the pleasure of offering its clients tailor made packages to suite their needs.

AMEC can offer both a consultancy service covering a specific area of expertise whilst working with other local or international consultants appointed by the client or offering a complete package to the client where the design responsibilities for the all aspects of the project remain with AMEC.

In accordance with current practice in the United Arab Emirates AMEC is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance for each of the individual services that it provides. This policy can be extended to cover international projects as required.

Our Specialization

Architecture Design Consultancy
Construction Engineering Services
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
File Fighting, Plumbing and Specialty Services
Electrical and low current systems

Architecture Design Consultancy

  • Complete development of the proposed architectural concept design, in order to start the design of the structural system of the building as well as the building services.
  • Approach all the concerned authorities in order to obtain the requested NOC/approval for the budding permit.

    B.Submission Stage

  • Prepare a full set of the project detail design drawing including the architectural, structural and electromechanical service, based on the client comments (if any).
  • ¬†Submit for design approval to Authorities for the Architectural,
    structural design in order te absent the building permit.
  • Obtaining the building permit including all the requested NOCs’ and civil defense approval in order to allow the contractor to start construction at site.

Construction Engineering Services

  • Supervise the project execution stages to ensure that the sub and superstructure works will be carried out according to design drawings and specifications.
  • Checking and accepting all submitted materials related to the supervision scope from the contractor after the client’s approval.
  • Organizing regular site meetings to control the works on scape based on the work progress.
  • Issuing corrective and other types of certificates as per the project agreement.
  • Verifying the integrity of drawings prepared by the contractor(s)
    related to the consultants’ scope.
  • Prepare the site biweekly supervision reports, as per standards.
  • Check and assuring the safety regulations as per standard.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Conceptual & detailed design and calculations
  • De-central system and central cooling and heating plants
  • Thermal Storage, eat recovery and energy conservation
  • Industrial ventilation and smoke control management

File Fighting, Plumbing and Specialty Services

  • Cold and hot water supply and soil, waste and rainwater drainage system
  • External drainage and networks
  • Irrigation networks and systems
  • Decorative fountains and swimming pools
  • Medical Gases supply and equipment
  • Compressed air system
  • Industrial and commercial buildings fire fighting systems
  • Fuel & oil supply systems
  • Kitchens and Laundries services and arrangement

Electrical and low current systems

  • Conceptual and detailed design and calculations
  • Substation and electrical equipment
  • Electrical panel schedules
  • Feeder cables data and schedules
  • Motor control center and schedules
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Telephone system design
  • Sound (Public address) system design
  • Master antenna television system design
  • Closed circuit television system design
  • Data(IT) system design
  • Access control system design
  • Security system design
  • Decorative and functional lighting Schemes
  • External and Infrastructure networks

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